Christie cinema projectors deployed at CGV multiplexes across South Korea

CGV, one of the largest multiplex cinema chain in South Korea, has acquired 94 units of Christie’s cinema projects. The overall system comprises CP2309-RGB, CP2315-RGB, CP2320-RGB and CP4330-RGB models which will be installed in CGV’s multiplexes across South Korea and replace its aging fleet of lamp-based Series 1 cinema projectors.

Kyoung-won Ok, projection technical team chief at CGV, commented: “At CGV, we pride ourselves on delivering the best cinema experience to our patrons by investing in leading technologies. As a longtime user of Christie’s cinema projection systems, we are always impressed with their high level of innovation, performance, as well as service and support. The era of laser projection is upon us and we are convinced that Christie’s all-in-one RGB pure laser projection system is the future of cinema. This investment will enable us to benefit from a long lasting and affordable platform that performs well into the future.”

Dale Miller, executive vice president for cinema at Christie, said: “Christie is honoured that CGV has selected our RGB pure laser cinema projectors for its mainstream auditoriums in South Korea. This acquisition is a clear reflection of the value that Christie offers to our customers, and we are committed to assisting CGV in generating exemplary box-office returns, drawing on the audience appeal that RGB laser projection excellence can deliver.”

Lin Yu, vice president, cinema sales for Asia at Christie, added: “Christie and CGV have enjoyed a longstanding relationship and they are one of the first exhibitors in Asia to adopt our RGB laser projection technologies. This acquisition will allow more audiences in South Korea to enjoy the benefits of RGB pure laser projection – delivering excellent image quality and brightness above DCI standards throughout the projector's natural life, and further solidify CGV’s leading position as the preferred entertainment destination for movie-goers.”

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