Christie laser projectors deliver visuals at redeveloped Milan Mela complex in Kolkata, India

Christie Crimson series laser projectors are lighting up the façade of Milan Mela, the largest exhibition facility in Kolkata, India.

The redeveloped complex, spread over 22 acres, is aimed at promoting trade and industry, arts and culture in Bengal. It houses two pavilions featuring a total exhibition space of over 31,000 square metres for hosting global events and fairs.

At night, the white tensile fabric that forms Milan Mela’s angular-shaped roof structure becomes the canvas for a series of projected visuals accomplished by 12 Christie Crimson WU31 3DLP laser projectors. They were installed and commissioned by Hi-Tech Audio Systems, while Studio Trika served as the content creator and consultant of this major project.

Ankit Gupta, head of finance and marketing, Hi-Tech Audio Systems, said: “We needed a rugged and reliable projection system that can deliver bright and lifelike visuals, and the Crimson WU31 is the preferred choice as this projector model has been successfully deployed in numerous large-scale outdoor projects in India. We are most impressed with its compact chassis, color performance and omnidirectional capabilities, which provided us with much flexibility during the installation process.”

Vineet Sabharwal, co-founder and promoter, Studio Trika, added: “A lot of emphasis has been placed on creating an array of exciting content that showcases West Bengal’s rich heritage and culture, and we’re pleased that the Christie Crimson series projectors are capable of displaying the designed contents as originally intended despite the challenges of projecting high-quality images on Milan Mela’s uniquely-shaped roof structure.”

The Crimson WU31s are fitted in weatherproof enclosures and installed within a tower at a height of 20m that overlooks the sprawling exhibition complex. Gupta said: “The throw distance is almost 40m and we are able to attain the best possible images on the roof structure from this position. Even though this is our first large-scale projection mapping project, we are grateful to Studio Trika for its help and guidance in making this show a great success. It has been a fruitful experience and we look forward to participating in projects of similar scale in the future.”

Rishubh Nayar, sales director for India, Enterprise, Christie, commented: “We are delighted that the Christie Crimson Series has been chosen to illuminate the façade of Milan Mela, which adds a lot of excitement to this contemporary exhibition complex that will soon become the hottest destination for exhibitions and fairs in Kolkata. Kudos to Hi-Tech Audio Systems and Studio Trika for putting together this amazing visual spectacle!”

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