AOTO All-In-One solutions deployed for education in China

AOTO’s All-In-One LED solutions have been deployed in China’s education sector at institutes such as Zhengzhou University and China’s Southern University of Science & Technology.

Mike Liu, AOTO’s All-In-One product manager explained: “It’s clear that the current requirement for LED display in conference is for two simple but vital elements. The display must offer exceptional visual performance and feature an intelligent, interactive function that is both intuitive and simple to use.”

AOTO’s CV All-In-One LED solution offers an infrared touch and has built-in features for interactivity and participation. Wireless connectivity enables screen sharing via computer, phone or PC tablet. Multiple picture-in-picture configurations ensure information is easy to view, update, and collaborate on.

The All-In-One LED solutions have a 180-degree viewing angle, Blu-ray eye protection and Moiré reduction technology to maintain student focus and engagement.

The Chancellor of the Southern University of Science and Technology noted: “It perfectly solves the flatness problem and creates the comfortable visuals with an image delivery that is vivid and uniform image across the whole screen.”

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