d&b Soundscape technology used for staging The Originals in Hong Kong

d&b audiotechnik was chosen to provide 360-degree sound to several live performances of The Originals – Hong Kong Musicals in Concert. The show, which ran on October 9 to 11, 2020, showcased memorable excerpts from Hong Kong’s most iconic musicals over the last 50 years.

d&b technology helped to amplify the show’s reprised classic melodies and the several iconic scenes curated and directed by composer Leon Ko. The performances, held in the Grand Theatre at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, also featured the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and eight cast members who together, with d&b Soundscape, brought these classic excerpts to life on stage.

The Originals – Hong Kong Musicals in Concert used d&b Soundscape technology to balance the orchestra sound and the voices of the actors together. The sound designer of the show, Can Ha Yan Pui, decided to use the d&b Y-series line arrays and V-series subwoofer as the main frontal system and the T-series as the frontfill and 360-degree fill, to provide complete, 360-degree coverage of the venue.

Using d&b ArrayCalc simulation software the audio team was able to determine where to place the speakers for optimal sound based on the space and the audience configuration. Soundscape comprises two software packages En Space for sound object positioning and En Scene for room emulation. Using En Scene’s sound objects, the reproduced sound from each musician and performer was placed where they were positioned on stage.

TiMax tracker D4 units were used to track the performers on stage and ensure their real-time positions were reflected in the En Scene sound object positioning. En Space room emulation was used to add additional atmosphere. Once the sound system was configured in ArrayCalc, the R1 Remote control made it easy to manage the system and complete the sound design and system management.

Using these technologies, the sound designer was able to ensure that every audience member, even those sitting under the balcony or in the back, would hear the performances loud and clear.

Can Ha Yan Pui, sound Designer for The Originals – Hong Kong Musicals in Concert, said: “Once we determined the accurate location and the quantity of speakers that we needed to install, we knew that this system was going to deliver a high-quality sound, that the venue would never have achieved with other systems. Not only did this system give the audience a powerful and immersive acoustic experience, but it also seamlessly integrated with the venue’s unique original architecture.”

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