DPA Microphones boosts presence in Southeast Asia

DPA Microphones has appointed Acoustic & Lighting Systems to handle the distribution of its entire product range in Singapore and Thailand. DPA has also appointed Arcadia Tech as a direct dealer in Singapore. The moves aim to help the manufacturer get closer to its customer base in Southeast Asia.

Headquartered in Malaysia and with offices in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, Acoustic & Lighting Systems (A&L) is one of the most prominent audio visual and lighting companies in Southeast Asia.

Ken Kimura, managing director of DPA’s APAC office, said: “We are excited to have both companies looking after DPA and are confident this move will benefit more professional users in the regional audio community as our upgraded mics with the Core by DPA Technology is being introduced in both territories.”

Eugene Yeo, the Singapore-based general manager of A&L, said: “We strive to work with brands that can add value to our own brand portfolio, but also to the general pro audio community. As a company with a strong heritage and unique technology, DPA has definitely created a distinctive brand identity in the market. Furthermore, it also offers discreet solutions to a wide range of end users whose demand for high quality microphone products is growing all the time.”

Commenting on the appointment of his company as a DPA direct dealer, Arcadia Tech’s managing director, Ron Koh, said: “DPA has always been a standard to look up to when purchasing microphones and with today’s requirement for content, quality audio products such as DPA are always going to be in demand from independent content creators who are always looking to get their hands on the latest professional tools and upgrades.”

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