Harman enhances audio at Marine World at Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa, Japan

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa in Tokyo, Japan has enhanced its audio systems with the selection of Harman Professional products which have been provided by Hibino. The audio system provides immersive live entertainment while showcasing marine life.

To improve performances and immerse the audience, JBL AWC series speakers were installed at ‘The Stadium’, a massive round pool, featuring dynamic performances by dolphins.

AWC series loudspeaker systems were chosen for their sound quality and high weather-resistance. AWC159 loudspeakers were installed to provide more extensive coverage and cover a greater area with fewer speakers. AWC15LF subwoofers were used for additional low-frequency support.

In addition to the AWC series speakers, Crown DCi 4|600N amplifiers and BSS BLU-160 digital audio processors were installed, enabling flexible control over the outputs of 16 AWC series speakers.

A spokesperson at Hibino stated: “To ensure that all visitors can hear the performances clearly, the management requested us to implement a system that would produce crystal clear, immersive sound in every corner of the venue. To provide balanced audio coverage, we used JBL's AWC series waterproof speakers along with Crown amplifiers and a range of other Harman accessories. This new system delivers seamless coverage across the entire venue, ensuring that every guest receives the same, compelling listening experience.”

Park Shinagawa, spokesperson for Maxell Aqua, said: “The response has been excellent from the visitors. The new audio system can also handle a live performance by a singer in the dolphin show. The addition of amplifiers and other changes to improve the system's overall performance has significantly enhanced the audio quality in The Stadium and the other areas."

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