Hexogon Solution delivers visuals for Singapore's Formula One Grand Prix

Hexogon Solution delivered visuals for the Formula One Grand Prix held in Singapore on September 20, 2015 using a total of 46 Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors. The display included projection mapping and lighting up of iconic structures and historical buildings around the five-kilometer nighttime city street circuit. 

Adrian Goh, managing director of Hexogon Solution, said: “We have chosen the Christie Boxer 4K30 projector for an event of this scale because it offers stable performance, is easier to monitor, delivers excellent brightness, and has a small footprint. We are now able to do more with fewer projectors and achieve better resolution.”

The installation for the Christie Boxers, along with other architectural lighting fixtures, took the Hexogon Solution team slightly more than a month to complete. The projectors and architectural lightings were deployed at 16 locations around the racetrack, including the National Gallery of Singapore, Victoria Theatre, Civilian War Memorial, Gardens By The Bay, Esplanade Theatre and Singapore Flyer.

The Hexogon team also put together content that was shown on the Merlion statue and Marina Bay Floating Platform, which included visuals of the Singapore flag when the National Anthem was played.

Elaborating on the significance of this project, Goh said: “All our installations had been designed for maximum TV exposure to highlight stunning views of the city state from helicopters featuring the central business district skyline, so every second of TV exposure counts. We had to ensure that the lighting and projection systems were stable and performing at their best when the TV camera panned across the entire area to capture panoramic views.”

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