Inavate + Leyard: LED displays leading the way for houses of worship

LED displays have established themselves as the display technology of choice when it comes to houses of worship. Norman Lao, vice president of Leyard APAC, gives his thoughts on the display trends in the sector: “We are seeing more houses of worship turn to cutting edge display technologies as the price of these display technologies continues to drop. Increasingly, churches are looking for ways to enhance the worship environment by including features to share videos, images and text or adding visual elements to surfaces. Our customers are incorporating LED displays into lobbies as well as using them as outdoor billboards to improve communication.”

The applications for LED displays in houses of worship are varied as Lao adds: “We are also experiencing demand for LED displays in classroom settings to enhance religious education. Leyard offers a wide array of visualisation solutions to support best in class visual performance and delivery in the most demanding, high traffic environments. This includes high resolution indoor and outdoor videowalls in a variety of configurations that can be customised to each customer’s unique applications.”

The appeal of Leyard’s LED displays lies in their ability to deliver quality performance. Lao details: “LED displays are a powerful and cost-effective tool for religious institutions allowing them to create highly memorable religious experiences that reinforce their message while taking member engagement to a new level. Specifically, customers from the houses of worship sector need displays that are bright and sharp to provide optimum performance in spaces with high ambient light. Leyard offers a range of displays that deliver wide viewing angles, maximum colour and depth and brightness uniformity to help customers overcome the challenge of environment and ensure the best viewing experience for church visitors.”

Leyard’s LED display solutions also address the main pain point experienced by houses of worship clients, namely the lack of human resources to deploy and maintain technology. Lao explains: “Our LED videowalls available today feature stackable cabinets that are fast to assemble and offer quick block systems to support single person installation. They provide swappable controllers and front access for fast serviceability. This is especially important for churches that need to provide the best user experience for congregation members and visitors at all times. Simplifying videowall setup and maintenance for customers can help minimise downtime and improve visual experiences.”

Moving forward, Lao believes that Leyard’s offerings for the houses of worship sector will only improve. He says: “As rapid development and adoption of technology continues, Leyard will continue to offer customers new and improved technology that meets the industry’s latest needs such as 5G, 8K resolution and HDR displays. Today, we see LED videowalls dominating the video display market as opposed to individual video displays because they can be constructed modularly into any shape or size. It is likely that this trend will continue as demand for seamless, direct-view LED can only increase. Factors such as seamless visual performance, size, accessibility, lifespan and declining cost will not only remain an important consideration for customers in houses of worship, but also be at the top of our mind as Leyard continues to create and design display technologies that deliver impact and foster engagement.”

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