Inavate + Shure: Ecosystem expansion

Shure has made impressive leaps fleshing out its product lineup with a range of solutions that seek to make the lives of integrators easier and improve outcomes for end users. Hear from Shure representatives from across the globe about the impact of the brand’s expansion.

Jensen Troy, Shure US

With the introduction of Shure’s MXN5WC, we are able to provide a complete signal path from microphone, to processor, to loudspeaker with all parts of the signal chain carrying MS Teams certification.

This provides for a very flexible ecosystem where you can use any single part of this signal chain or adhere to the ecosystem concept Shure has provided and receive maximum benefit from the system in terms of simplicity of setup and configuration along with maximising performance.

The MXN5WC is a shallow depth (4-in), blind mount, Dante enabled loudspeaker. It has a removable grill held in place magnetically which can be painted.

The 5.25-in driver is matched to the volume of the back can so as to provide maximum performance from such a condensed device.

The shallow back can affords you the opportunity to fit it into spaces with limited clearance. DSP functions include EQ, 2 channel mixer, signal generator, and limiter. A Dante transmit channel is available as well making for easy selection for your AEC reference.

Devraj Panicker, Shure SA

IntelliMix Room is a software-based DSP that requires minimal customer setup or additional special hardware, which reduces the costs and footprint required to deploy premium AV conferencing. From an ecosystem perspective, it can be deployed to in-room Windows 10 PCs and meeting control devices that are already in-place to run popular softwarebased AV conferencing services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco and more, bringing premium audio to videoconference calls. This new software-based approach allows for easier deployment and centralised maintenance by IT staff.

IntelliMix algorithms are specifically designed to optimise the performance of Shure’s range of premium conferencing microphones such as the MXA910 ceiling array, MXA310 table array and Microflex Wireless. IntelliMix Room aggregates and optimises the audio output of multiple microphone sources and thus scales-up to support even more complex boardroom deployments.

With echo cancellation, noise reduction, automatic mixing, automatic gain control, and secure Dante routing, IntelliMix Room automatically produces a single channel of conference-ready audio.

Stanley Chiu, Shure GCRK

The introduction of the Shure networked loudspeakers is a very important milestone from the strategic and product solution perspectives.

With the loudspeaker added to Shure portfolio, we are now able to offer end-to-end audio solutions that fit into various types and sizes of meeting rooms. From microphones, DSP to loudspeaker, end users or system integrators will not need to contact different manufacturers on a single audio issue.

While saving time and cost on troubleshooting, Shure’s ecosystem also provides point-to-point audio encryption that audio connections between every Shure components are secure. It is not just about passing through high quality audio. When Shure loudspeakers are connected to the network, our software Designer will automatically detect them, and all the necessary audio routing can then be done with one click.

Regarding day-to-day operation, Shure software SystemOn can alert users when audio issues are discovered from any of the networked Shure components. These are truly the product integrations that make our end-to-end audio solutions special.

Jayme Quah, Shure SEA

To deliver an ecosystem, a range of options is required. The MXA710 expands our Microflex Array portfolio with a linear and wall mountable IntellimixTM DSP enabled device that adapts well into the modern-day architecture requirements.

Along with the 910, having IntelliMix inbuilt within the 710 allows for a decentralised means of audio processing that fits well into the soft-codec workflow giving users the added potential to bring premium quality audio into AV conferencing facilities.

The 710 has a total of four pick up configurations, ‘wall horizontal, wall vertical, table and ceiling’, that give users the flexibility to use it as a mobile array microphone in any orientation.

Furthermore, having the ability to fit onto a microphone stand using the A710- microphone stand adapter makes it easy to setup and deploy even for non-AV professionals as only one network cable is needed.

A maximum of eight steerable coverage zones on the MXA710 offer the ability to discreetly route individual zones’ audio externally making it ideal for any sort of AV conferencing or recording application.

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