ITE College Central acquires Christie Secure series panels

Institute of Technical Education (ITE) has acquired 12 Christie Secure Series SUHD651-L LCD panels for its central college in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.

The Christie SUHD651-L panels serve as show relay monitors around a 300-seat multipurpose theatre known as Theatre@IlluminITE, which is used for staging various events and functions.

Joshua Chong, technical officer, venue management, CDE Division, ITE, commented: “We were looking at replacing the existing LCD panels which had been in service for eight years when we chanced upon the Christie Secure series. We were immediately drawn to its stunning 4K resolution and secure features such as non-RF functionality that prevents any form of tempering or potential hacking of onscreen content. A professional display with secure features is not commonly found in the market and we are excited that Christie offers flat panels with such capabilities.”

ITE College Central subsequently invested in three Christie Secure Series SUHD551-L 55-in panels for testing. Chong noted that at the end of the months-long evaluation period, the panels proved to be reliable whilst being able to deliver excellent picture quality. A decision was then made to acquire 12 Christie SUHD651-L panels, and the installation was completed in two weeks by AV World.

Earlier this year, ITE College Central invested in 12 Christie 1DLP laser projectors comprising the DHD1075-GS and D16HD-HS models for deployment across the campus. These venues include Theatre@IlluminITE, lecture halls and a speaker’s chamber for training, executive saloons and event halls for corporate training and hosting of VIPs during official events.

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