Midwich Australia enters into distribution partnership with Omma

Midwich has announced a distribution partnership with neo-digital signage software platform Omma Sign.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Istanbul, Omma operates in the digital signage industry offering a cloud-based, secure and flexible digital signage platform that is remarkable for its adaptability and ease-of-use.

Michael Broadbent, managing director of Midwich APAC, said: “This distribution partnership sees Midwich bring something unique to help our Channel Partners align with modern technology solutions and add exceptional value. There is a natural synergy with the work our Partners are already engaged in with our display-panel vendors and the OS platform independence of Omma Sign. They can choose to work with smart screens or renowned media players such as BrightSign.”

Darren Farrell, Omma APAC sales manager, said: “We are really pleased to be working with Midwich who has a rock-solid commitment and access to one of the most reputable AV dealer networks in the country. Omma paves the way for clients to have control over their displays and share their message in real-time. It is adaptable, programmable yet simple and infinitely scalable digital signage solution that meets the ever-changing needs of clients in a variety of sectors including retail, education, corporate and commercial.”

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