NanoLumens elects new vice president of systems engineering

NanoLumens announced the promotion of Doug Price from director to vice president of systems engineering. As vice president, he is responsible for combining creativity with design and engineering in every installation project.

Doug Price joined NanoLumens in 2011 and has largely contributed to the company’s growth. In his new role he is responsible for creating and maintaining C-Level relationships with Fortune 500 companies. Furthermore, he oversees the design and implementation of the automated quote calculator used by the entire sales team as well as the supervision of all installations throughout the United States, Canada, France, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom [UK], United Arab Emirates, and Singapore. This is inclusive of training local integrators and the management of the company’s sales and systems engineering teams in the United States and the UK.

Rick Cope, CEO of NanoLumens said “Doug Price has demonstrated time and time again his ability to apply creative thinking to engineering challenges to create design solutions that most other professionals would think are impossible to execute. Doug’s new position could more aptly be described as vice president of visioneering, because that is what he does each and every day for our clients. He partners with them to imagine new ways of designing a visualization solution and then he makes the imagined real.”

Prior to joining NanoLumens, Price served as senior field engineer—national digital billboard services at Adaptive Micro Systems in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also previously served as a data system technician in the United States Navy.

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