Pepsi considers giant space ad using Cubesats

Pepsi has allegedly made plans to create an artificial constellation astro-signage display in orbit around the Earth to promote the soft drink.

Pepsi has reportedly been in contact with Russian space signage specialists StartRocket, who plan to create an ‘orbital display’ that the company claims has the capacity to reach seven billion people.

The display could orbit on an altitude of 400-500km, allowing the company to deliver three to four messages or images a day, with a viewable area of 50 km ², using the sun as its light source to reflect sunlight down to Earth during twilight.

The display would use Cubesats, miniature satellites made up of 10cmx10cmx10cm cubic units that are designed for low Earth orbit.

StartRocket’s website states that work began on a CubeSat solution in May 2018, with technical testing of the display being underway with stratospheric balloons.

A CubeSat formation is set to be deployed in July 2021.

While Pepsi has not officially confirmed its involvement in the project, Futurism reported that Russian PepsiCo spokesperson Olga Mangova confirmed to the site that the collaboration is going ahead.

The report also coincides with StartRocket’s search for a sponsor of its first launch, which is currently underway.

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