Researchers create 3D layered ‘holographic’ images with smartphone screens

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a method of using traditional, 2D smartphone screens to create computer-generated ‘holography’.

The approach could revolutionise the development of augmented and virtual reality displays, using a smartphone screen instead of a laser to create 3D ‘holographic’ images.

The ‘holograms’ are synthesised by solving issues surrounding the propagation of incoherent light, creating a three-dimensional colour image reproduction using a two-layered hologram cascade by using an Apple iPhone and a spatial light modulator, each creating a layer to generate the 3D image.

Customised algorithms were used to coordinate the display of the two images to create a 3D ‘holographic’ display that resembles similar images created by laser systems.

Photo credit: Ryoichi Horisaki, The University of Tokyo

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