RiverLife Church upgrades with Nexo Geo M10 speakers

Following the installation of a Yamaha PM10 digital console, Riverlife has now added Nexo’s Geo M10 mid-size line array, giving the house of worship a new audio system to replace the distributed system that was previously used.

Jerry Chua, recording engineer and percussionist, has been instrumental in the choice and implementation of the AV systems at the church, where live music plays a central role. After attending an outdoor concert at Republic Polytechnic, where the Geo M10 made its first Asian debut, he asked Yamaha Music Singapore to set up a demo at Riverlife.

Chua said: “Nothing came close to the GEO M10 in terms of power, coverage and indeed price and performance. The M10s are punchy, yet provide this altogether sweeter tone.” Selection of the M10 was unanimous, and local systems integrators A-Tech installed the system according to simulations made with Nexo’s NS-1 modelling software.

The L-R hangs each carry eight M10 modules, the last of which is a downfill version to provide coverage for the seats closest to the stage. Four LS18 subs are fitted in a central hang, and a pair of ID24 point-source cabinets provide front fill. The system is powered by just two amplifiers, a Nexo NXAMP4x4 and a NXAMP4xa, which are managed over a Dante network.

With the quality of the NEXO line array’s sonic performance, the system can be run at a lower SPL, which is good practice for a church in a residential neighbourhood.

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