Singapore celebrates 49th birthday with Christie projectors

Singapore’s 49th national day celebrations were held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform on 9th August 2014. For the festivities and celebrations of the National Day Parade (NDP) a number of Christie projectors were used for the display of content.

Christie’s rental and staging partner Hexogon Solution were chosen to deploy a total of 40 Christie projectors for the event. These consisted of six Roadster HD18K projectors and 34 Roadster HD20K-J 3-chip DLP projectors. The duties of the projectors included displays multimedia content as well as 3D effects onto a canvas measuring 80m by 40m.

The projectors were installed 28m above the ground overlooking the Floating Platform. Taking into account Singapore’s propensity for rainy weather, Hexogon Solution also devised two different types of outdoor enclosures for the projectors.

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