Skycity Auckland upgraded with Shure digital wireless systems

Located in the Auckland CBD, New Zealand, the Skycity Auckland complex is a premiere entertainment hub. Due to a spectrum change that took full effect across New Zealand the Skycity AV operations team partnered with Now Sound, Shure authorized distributor in New Zealand, to upgrade the wireless systems at the complex.

Like any other big city, radio frequency congestion is a common issue, particularly in the centre of the Auckland CDB. One of the biggest challenges that Skycity faced was finding usable channels in the large amounts of RF from the Sky Tower and the surrounding buildings.

Ben Burcher, Skycity’s AV Operations Manager, said: “We have been using Shure wireless microphone systems in Skycity for around 10 years and have certainly put it through its paces. The performance and reliability we have experienced with Shure products has been top notch and they are generally our go-to when making a new radio mic purchase.” The entertainment complex decided to stay with Shure and invested in ULX-D Digital Wireless Systems, with 12 wireless microphone channels in the theatre and another 10 channels around the venue.

Frequency performance and equipment reliability were the key decision factors when SKYCITY selected the new wireless systems. ULX-D offers SKYCITY extremely efficient and reliable RF performance. It delivers the venue consistently high audio quality with low latency crucial for live performances, theatrical shows as well as corporate events. The wireless systems are also widely used by the MCs in the casino.

Additionally, the high density mode of ULX-D greatly increases the amount of simultaneously used channels over one frequency band, which is essential for Skycity as high channel counts are often needed in the theatre and large-scale corporate events and conferences.

The team of Now Sound successfully supported the Skycity AV operations team to install three units of ULXD4Q quad channel digital wireless receivers in the theatre and 10 units of ULXD4D dual channel digital wireless receivers around the venue including the casino. This system upgrade further included 20 units of ULXD2 Beta 58 handheld transmitters, 18 units of ULXD1 bodypack transmitters, a UA844SWB antenna distribution system, three units of UR5 portable UHF-R wireless receivers, and three units of SCM262 stereo microphone mixers.

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