Smart face mask adds mobile device integration

A Japanese start-up has developed an internet-connected smart face mask that can connect via Bluetooth to smart phones and tablets to transmit messages and translate Japanese to eight other languages.

The ‘c-mask’, developed by Donut Robotics, fits over standard medical grade face masks and can transcribe speech into SMS messages via a dedicated app, make calls via a connected device, translate Japanese into eight languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish ,French, Thai and Vietnamese) or amplify the wearer’s voice via a built-in amplifier. 

A prototype of the device was created within a month by using Donut Robotics’ translation software with a mask design made by one of the company’s engineers, originally designed for speech interpretation by mapping face muscles. 

Donut Robotics also plans to develop imaging systems for the mask to implement AR and VR features in the future. 

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