Vega Malaysia establishes experience centre in Malaysia

Vega Malaysia has inaugurated its experience centre in Malaysia. The move comes as Vega Malaysia looks to ramp its activities in the country and engage with customers and partners.

Wayne Chan, country manager for Vega Malaysia, detailed the growth the integrator has achieved in Malaysia: “Vega Malaysia was established in 2012 and we opened our office in Malaysia in 2017. From then onwards the Vega Malaysia team has grown significantly we now have a team of 16 people working to serve the Malaysian market. And our business has grown year-on-year as well to the point that we just didn’t have any space in our old office. So, we decided to move to a new, larger office not only to have a space for the Vega Malaysia team but also to better engage with our customers and partners.”

The decision to create an experience centre was driven by the desire to provide value to clients. Chan said: “Vega Malaysia is unique in that 80% of our clients are local accounts while the remaining 20% are global accounts that Vega Global serves across the world. A key driver for the new Vega Malaysia offices was to create a space where clients would be able to come and see the technology solutions we propose and provide in action. The Vega Malaysia experience centre showcase digital technology to the fullest. We have meeting rooms, a townhall, integration with lighting control and motion sensors and much more. Clients can come to the new Vega Malaysia and see how AV technology and systems can make a difference in their spaces.”

Looking forward, Chan believes that Vega Malaysia can continue its upward trajectory in Malaysia. He concluded: “The Malaysian market is ready to grow. We have a stable government in place and that is providing the confidence to investors to really start looking at Malaysia as location where there can conduct business. Microsoft and Google have setup data centres in Malaysia, and we are seeing more MNCs look towards Malaysia for their operations. More importantly, we are seeing a change in the approach to investment in technology from the end users. After the pandemic the end users have realised the value of AV technology and are willing to ensure that their technology systems are properly deployed.”

Image: Vega team at the Vega Malaysia experience centre inauguration

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