VR ultrasound system lets users go virtual with their mouths

Researchers have developed a haptics system for the mouth, allowing users to experience oral sensations in VR.

The system, developed by Carnegie Mellon University’s future interfaces group, incorporates a phased array of 64 ultrasound transducers attached to the underside of an existing VR headset, sitting above the user’s mouth.

The hardware focuses airborne acoustic energy onto the lips and mouth, creating sensations such as taps and continuous vibrations, which can also be used to animate along arbitrary 3D paths.

The effects of the vibrations can also be felt on the teeth and the tongue.

The research team built a variety of sensory demos, including raindrops, mud splatter, pushing through cobwebs, and crawling bugs.

The team claim to be the first to integrate the technology into a headset for use with the mouth.

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