Bose Professional establishes experience centre in Singapore

Bose Professional has officially unveiled its new experience centre at Solaris @ Kallang 164 in Singapore.

This significant development is part of the brand’s strategic move to solidify its independent presence in the Southeast Asian market.

This follows last year's announcement that Bose Corporation's Professional division had been acquired by Transom Capital Group, marking a pivotal moment for the brand's commercial installation and conferencing business.

The opening ceremony of the experience centre saw a gathering of system integrators and distribution partners, who were able to experience product demonstrations of Bose Professional's latest solutions. Among the showcased products were the PowerShare X and the S1 Pro+ speakers.

Nittin Dargan, regional manager of Bose Professional, encapsulates the brand's vision: "The entire Southeast Asian market, including Singapore, is displaying a positive trend for our business. All of our distribution partners are deeply committed to delivering quality audio, actively promoting the most professional products available. Quality audio is consistently preferred wherever it matters, and Southeast Asia is especially renowned for its hospitality projects where quality audio plays a crucial role.”

The experience centre serves as more than just a showroom, Dargan elaborates: “With the establishment of the new experience centre, we've created a dedicated space for our customers to immerse themselves in our audio quality. We warmly invite system integrators, consultants, and distributor partners to visit the centre, and they are encouraged to bring along their end users. This enables them to experience the exceptional sound quality offered by Bose Professional. Consequently, this central location serves as a hub for both our distributors and their customers to experience the Bose Professional quality firsthand."

Moreover, the centre is also the home to Bose Professional's Singapore office as well as a site for conducting training sessions and workshops.

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