CEDIA to host tech and business summit in Bengaluru, India

CEDIA will be hosting its Bengaluru CEDIA Tech + Business Summit, held at the Hotel Taj Bengaluru in India from 24th – 27th July 2024.

The free-to-attend event offers visitors the opportunity to network with smart home industry professionals, gain practical knowledge through face time with manufacturers and distributors, and attend multiple speaker and workshop sessions.

The event is sponsored by globally renowned manufacturers and India’s leading distributors, including Actis Technologies, Aytexcel, Casadigi, Cinebels, Elite Screens, Escala Tech, EzHomz, Hi-Tech Audio & Image, Kripa Electronics, Lithe Audio, Mahkam poorviauM, Netgear Technologies, Pro FX, Vinshek and What Hi-Fi.

The event will also have seminars covering a wide range of topics and designed with all job roles in mind.

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