Christie projectors transform night-time economy in Gujarat

Tricolor India Schauspiel used six Christie D4K40-RGB laser projectors to light up a hilltop temple in Gujarat, India as part of an impressive sound and light show.

Multimedia technologies design firm Rhino Engineers served as the audiovisual consultant for the nighttime illuminations of this project.

The Ambaji Temple 3D projection mapping show uses the 490m-high Gabbar hill as a canvas and was conceived by the Gujarat state government and the Gujarat Pavitra Yatradham Vikas Board.

Himanshu Sabharwal, creative director at Tricolor, said: “We had to achieve a projection coverage of almost 100m wide and 60m high on Gabbar Hill, which exhibits a dark, dull surface due to environmental conditions.”

The projectors are mounted on 5m-high projection towers. Tower 1 is fitted with two projectors horizontally adjacent to each other, while Tower 2 has four projectors stacked in a two-by-two matrix. All projectors are protected by weatherproof enclosures from Warrior and placed about 120m away from Gabbar Hill.

Photos courtesy of Tricolor India Schauspiel