Hexogon Solutions delivers interactive content at Funan mall, Singapore with Lightact media servers

Lightact Funan image
Interactive content projected onto the floor of Funan mall, Singapore

Lightact media servers have been deployed by Hexogon Solution for Interactive Games, an interactive projection located at Funan mall in Singapore. Interactive Games is an 11m by 12m projected area on the floor. It features interactive games and interactive visuals based on the corporate identity of the mall.

The system uses one Lightact Pro XL server and one Lightact StereoView stereo camera to track people in the projection area. All of the content is generated in real-time with the Unreal Engine game running on the same server.

Content is passed to Lightact which splits, warps and blends it and outputs it to 4 Christie Crimson projectors.

The commissioning lasted for 6 days during which Gerard Henson, system manager at Hexogon, commented: “Lightact is an incredibly stable software. After several days of heavy use, we haven’t experienced a single crash or system error. I was also pleasantly surprised by the reliability of tracking provided by StereoView camera.”

Vladyslav Fomenko, the Unreal Engine programmer who created the games for the project, said: “What Lightact brings to Unreal Engine is an ability to extend UE4 environment to the real world. The biggest upside is that you can just program your game in UE4 as you would otherwise, knowing that Lightact will take care of projection mapping and all the inputs and outputs with third party devices.”

To give the Client an intuitive user interface to control the installation, the project team created a WebUI with a few simple buttons and sliders. The client can access this WebUI with a browser on any device on the network.

Additionally, to eliminate the need for user interaction after a power outage, the team set up Lightact Manager. It makes sure the installation runs as it should at all times by automatically starting up the projection whenever the server boots up. For an extra level of reliability, it also restarts the system once per day.

Adrian Goh, group manager of Hexogon, said after the completion of the project: "We are very happy with Lightact system. Due to its versatility, reliability and excellent support, it became our go-to solution for all multi-media interactive installations."