Inavate + Shure: Power up

Shure’s Michael Moore explains how the MXA920 ceiling microphone combines flexibility, smart design and uncompromising performance.

When it comes to industry leading performance, Shure remains ahead of the game with its new MXA920. Shure has a proud and solid history with delivering a reliable and architecturally friendly solution for meeting room environments.

Michael Moore, market development manager, Shure, explains: “The MXA920 ceiling array microphone builds off of the MXA910 platform. Meeting space design has been redefined from plain walls to modern day architectural marvels. This has also shifted some of the technology deployed in these spaces.

“With videoconferencing as a mainstay in almost any space, big or space, the visual element is very important. Many clients prefer to minimise the amount of technology that is visible within the room. That’s where the MXA910 gained its popularity.”

The MXA920 sees an increase in the performance over the MXA910, discreetly providing high quality of coverage, while simultaneously providing multiple form factors [square and round versions] in three different colours: black, white and aluminium to blend into any architectural environment. But it’s not all about the product’s good looks. When it comes to performance, the ceiling microphone also offers the quality and intelligent design that Shure customers have grown to expect.

Moore adds: “The MXA920 has an improved frequency control over the MXA910. This gives you more directionality, intelligibility and a smoother sounding voice when you are using the MXA920.

“The platform also includes XYZ tracking camera coordinates, as well as other unique coordinates that are achieved through TCPIP. This allows the MXA920 to provide camera tracking systems with a more accurate speaker location, equating to better screen equity when focusing the camera on meeting participants.”

The MXA920 connects quickly with just one network cable. Installation is simple and straightforward, requiring little or no additional tools.

Moore clarifies: “Leveraging digital audio platforms like Dante has allowed Microflex Advanced platform to quickly and easily connect to each other as well as integrate seamlessly into third-party audio platforms.

“Just like the MXA910, The MXA920 also provides additional onboard DSP capabilities. These additional features allow you to simplify your audio setup even for medium to large rooms. Taking advantage of soft codec platforms, the MXA920 can sometimes use a simple ANIUSB-Matrix interface to be connected to a call.”

This ease of use translates into unrivalled flexibility, offering a scalable solution to rooms of any size, style and requirements.

Moore says: “The MXA920 allows you to scale between medium and large-scale meeting rooms, using multiple MXA920s with a P300-IMX processor to aggregate the room. This setup provides the same audio workflow and experience whether you’re in a smaller room or larger room.

“It also works with third-party systems. The MXA920 can connect to AES-67 native devices, making it easier on system designers to meet their customers’ needs. This allows designers and customers with preferred platforms to quickly and easily scale rooms that need additional coverage. The end users will enjoy the same workflow and experience from a touch panel or interface with Shure’s proper audio coverage.”

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