Martin by Harman selected to deliver lighting at Art Aquarium, Japan

Art Aquarium Japan 5
Visitors at Art Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan.

Art Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan hired TSP Taiyo to integrate and install a Martin by Harman lighting solution to elevate the experience for guests.

A spokesperson from TSP Taiyo said: “To enhance the museum in the way the producer visualised it, the client required a powerful yet energy-efficient lighting solution. Martin ERA 800 Performance is perfect for venues like Art Aquarium due to its compact design, tour-worthy moving head and excellent brightness.”

Hidetomo Kimura selected the Martin ERA 800 Performance fixtures. In addition to illuminating the exhibit’s artwork, the fixtures offer a variety of effects and features—electronic dimming and strobe, full CMY colour mixing and separate colour wheel, variable colour temperature control, animation wheel, fixed and rotating gobo wheels and much more—that allow Art Aquarium to tailor the lights to fit their needs.

A spokesperson from Art Aquarium said: “Our goal was to create a unique experience for our visitors. Martin lighting fixtures were the ideal choice for our exhibit as they are flexible, compact and efficient, which allowed us to alter the directionality and intensity of the light to get the perfect visuals our art designer required.”