National Academy of Performing Arts improves theatre experience with Harman

Harman Napa image use
Main stage at National Academy of Performing Arts in Karachi, Pakistan set up for cultural performance

National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) partnered with KYAF Corporation (KYAF) to upgrade the performing arts studio experience with Harman audio systems. NAPA is a renowned cultural institution, offering comprehensive courses and workshops in theatre and performing arts in Karachi, Pakistan.

Ahmed Bawaney, owner of KYAF, said: “NAPA trains its students in a studio-like environment to develop their understanding of theatre culture. NAPA also hosts performances by international troupes throughout the year and every audio component chosen was based on performance guidelines. After a rigorous exercise of sound testing across various brands, we selected Harman audio solutions because of their excellent sound quality and coverage—they bring the performances to life.”

KYAF equipped the studio with JBL Professional speaker systems, including VRX932LA line array systems, PRX818XLF subwoofers and EON 612 portable speakers. The team powered the speakers with Crown XTi Series amplifiers. KYAF also supplied a wide range of AKG microphones, including WMS420 wireless microphones, D5 vocal microphones, P4 instrument microphones, HM1000 hanging stage microphones and a Drum Set Session 1 drum microphone set. A Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixing console is also used.

Ashad Mehmood, an engineer at NAPA, commented: “At NAPA, we host a wide range of world-class performances throughout the year by artists from around the globe. We required a high-end audio system that delivers impeccable sound without the aid of a rental company. KYAF suggested a comprehensive Harman audio solution to meet our diverse requirements and we have been very impressed with the results.”