Shure provides interpretation for ASEAN Defence Senior Officials’ Meeting

Venue in Hua Hin, Thailand set up for the ASEAN Defence Senior Officials’ Meeting

Under the theme of ‘Sustainable Security’, senior officials from 18 countries attended ASEAN Defence Senior Officials’ Meeting in Hua Hin, Thailand from April 3 to 5, 2019 to exchange on their continuous efforts in addressing security challenges and promoting regional stability. Mighty MICE, Thailand-based conference equipment rental service provider and member of the Shure Conferencing Network (SCN), facilitated simultaneous interpretation with the first Asian deployment of the Shure Microflex Complete Interpreter Console (MXCIC).

The conferencing equipment comprised 10 units of the d Shure MXCICs to provide simultaneous interpretation of Khmer, Lao, Burmese, Thai and Vietnamese languages.

Interpreted language was distributed to delegates via 200 Shure Digital Infrared Wireless Receivers. Mighty MICE also deployed 45 conference units of the Shure DCS6000 and DDS5900 Digital Conference Systems to enable smooth dialogue between the senior officials. The systems were controlled and monitored wirelessly via a tablet, enabling Mighty MICE’s conference support team to manage and configure the system in real time.