Tokyo’s Harlem Nightclub upgrades audio system with L-Acoustics K3 series

The Harlem nightclub in Shibuya, Tokyo recently upgraded its main floor to a concert audio system with L-Acoustics K3.

Japanese L-Acoustics certified provider distributor Bestec Audio designed and installed two stacks of four L-Acoustics K3 on top of two KS28 subwoofers in front of the club’s DJ booth. At the back of the dance floor, two stacks of one X12 point source coaxial speaker and two SB18 subwoofers provide rear-fill coverage. Three LA12X and one LA4X amplified controller drive the main system and rear-fill system, respectively.

Since installing the brand-new K3 system, the club has received praise for the clarity and power the system offers for the dynamic range of live audio content, from bass-heavy hip-hop tracks spun by DJs to accompanying MCs and rappers.

Mr. Baba, Harlem’s general manager, concluded: “I am truly proud that the L-Acoustics signature sound will become a reference for Japanese hip-hop in the future and that Harlem continues to impact the music industry positively.”

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