VizWave uses Vioso system to configure 3D theatre in Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information HQ

Vioso’s auto-calibration technology was used to create a curved 3D visualisation theatre in the cylindrical headquarters of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) in Daejeon.

Located on the campus of KISTI’s National Supercomputing Centre, the VR/AR visualisation space was constructed by VizWave and led by managing director Hyunjoo Yun. VizWave also oversees the maintenance of the projection room on a long-term basis.

The sale of the VIOSO system to VizWave was managed by Norbert Schmiedeberg, managing director of ITI-Image Group in Sydney. Julia We from Turnstone Korea and VIOSO’s simulation expert Jürgen Krahmann were also involved in the project.

The space is powered by a freely hanging projector rig mounted on the 5.6m-high ceiling, from which 13 Barco UDM-4K15, running dual inputs, are able to project immersive stereoscopic images on the curved walls and floor of the 9m-diameter room.

Krahmann explains that to make the space at KISTI immersive, the VIOSO fulldome kit was to be equipped with a fisheye lens for calibration. He adds: “The set-up of the projectors was the first real challenge. There were multiple overlaps initially, impacting negatively on black levels. Every projector emits some light, even if the output is black, so that was the first thing we needed to change.”

KISTI vice-president Minsu Joh concluded: “The new virtual environment has been expanded to support both VR and AR technologies. We plan to continue to support not only researchers in various majors, but also small and medium-sized domestic companies, to utilise this CAVE system infrastructure.”

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