Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia uses Harman’s SPAT Revolution technology

Madison AV worked closely with Auditoria Systems and the A?angu people of Australia to create an immersive audio system for the Wintjiri Wi?u Experience in Uluru, Australia.

The storytelling was done through the deployment of drone technology, lasers, projection lighting and a Harman immersive audio system for the Wintjiri Wi?u Experience in Uluru, Australia.

Jeff Shoesmith from Madison AV mentioned that Harman products were selected due to their proven track record of installation in very demanding weather conditions, while JBL loudspeakers were able to provide consistent frequency dispersion for accurate spatial imaging.

Separately, SPAT Revolution was selected for its very powerful spatial engine with almost limitless options, and adapted very well to the layout of the system by providing accurate spatial imaging along with great sounding spatial reverberation.

Luis Miranda, audio visual consultant from Auditoria, commented: “The project’s audio system was designed to complement the immense visual canvas that the nighttime sky provided for the drones with the score and narration played back over an immersive system surrounding the audience. A six-channel frontal loudspeaker system using the JBL AWC series and an additional six channels of JBL Control 25AV rear loudspeakers were used to allow for accurate placement of sound images. The show was mixed on site using the SPAT Revolution spatial audio engine, which provided the necessary reverberation due to the system being installed outdoors with no natural reverberation available.”

One of the biggest challenges for this project was the installation of this system in the middle of the Australian desert which had to be done in a very remote location with limited weather shelter, temperature control or access to facilities.

A spokesperson for Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia mentioned how the SPAT Revolution audio spatial technology transcends the limitations of traditional stereo and surround sound formats which intensifies storytelling.

Amar Subash, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC, concluded: “Harman is extremely honored be able to play a part in the world’s first of its kind cultural and multimedia sensorial experience. As one of the first large scale immersive installations of JBL and Flux::, we have only scratched the surface in terms of the many incredible applications of immersive audio in leisure attractions.”

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