NEC’s P series gets an update with focus on mission-critical applications

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe added upgrades for control rooms and mission-critical applications with the release of the fifth generation of its P series large format displays.

The display manufacturer is targeting command-and-control centres in industries such as transportation, energy, defence and manufacturing with the updated NEC MultiSync P series displays that are also suited to wayfinding and corporate communications.

Units offer 8K signal processing, a wide colour gamut and an integrated NEC SpectraView engine, which balances all image parameters. They have brightness levels of 700 cd/m² and a high haze filter.

A metal chassis helps provide fire retardancy and allows the displays to be robust enough for use in heavily trafficked public spaces. They support scalable computing, starting from the modular SoC Raspberry Pi, up to Intel Smart Display Module Computing devices.

The new large format displays come in 43-in, 49-in and 55-in sizes with availability May 2021 onwards.

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