Absen wins Red Dot Product Design award for Venus LED series

Absen has announced that it has won the Red Dot Product Design award for its rental and staging LED solutions, the Venus (VN) series.

Winners of the award are judged on a range of elements, such as innovation, functionality, quality, and ecological compatibility. Commenting on the winning VN series, the Red Dot Award’s jury praised ‘a particularly high flexibility and durability which makes the Venus series universally applicable in various usage scenarios’.

Amy Tang, VP of product at Absen, said: “We’re delighted to have been presented a Red Dot award for Product Design. The VN series was designed with users in the field in mind every step of the way. Not only does the product deliver a visually stunning performance, it is radically different to what is currently available on the market and will see customers save on weight and cost, without compromising on the performance of the product”.

Find out more about the product here.

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