Audio-Technica launches updated UniPoint boundary microphones

Audio-Technica has unveiled its updated UniPoint U891 boundary microphone models, with a two-state RGB LED status indicator and touch-sensitive capacitive-type user switch that can be set to three modes, replacing the previously available models.

The new U891 boundary microphone models feature an 80 Hz UniSteep filter as well as a PivotPoint rotating connector that changes the cable exit point.

All U891 condenser microphones feature a die-cast case and silicon foam bottom pads, with threaded inserts on the bottom of the microphone that allow it to be mounted with screws. All U891 models accept available interchangeable elements that permit angle of acceptance from 100-degrees to 360-degrees.

The U891RCb features a wide-range condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern with an external contact closure switch that allows users to control a remote device from a switch on the microphone.

The microphone’s activation switch can be set to three operating modes: touch-on/touch-off, press-to-talk and press-to-mute.


The U891Rb is a cardioid condenser boundary microphone with a local activation switch that can be set to three operating modes, with the U891Rb available in black (U891Rb) and white (U891RWb).

The U891RbO is an omnidirectional condenser boundary microphone with a three-mode switch, designed for surface-mount applications.

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