Chief supports more LED ranges with expanded TiLED series

AV mounts manufacturer Chief has expanded its modular TiLED LED videowall mounting system.

It will now support the Samsung IFH Series, Absen Acclaim Series (including Acclaim Plus and Acclaim Pro), Unilumin UpanelS, Barco XT Series, LG LAS Fine-pitch and Leyard TVF Series.

The TiLED series supports creative video wall configurations. The system can include any of three mounts that support LED displays and connect together to form a seamless video wall. 

Integrated plumb adjustment of up to 25mm helps to compensate for imperfections in the wall, keeping everything flat. Offset mounting slots allow for easy installation and protects LEDs from the damaging friction that can occur when display edges rub together. A secure adjustment screw gently nudges displays together and keeps them in place. The total depth, including display, ranges from 88-123mm, depending on the amount of plumb adjustment needed. 

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