Elo intros Wallaby self-service stands

Elo has introduced Wallaby self-service countertop and floor stands that combine a Windows- or Android-powered Elo all-in-one (AiO) touchscreen computer with printer and peripherals housing.

The stands, with an I-Series or X-Series touchscreen computer from 15 to 22-in, support compatible accessories for a point of sale, self-order, endless aisle, price verification, loyalty program, brand experience, and patient check-in system. Units are suited for use in retail, restaurants, hospitality and healthcare environments.  

Wallaby self-service stands are compatible with Elo 15- and 22-in I-Series touchscreen computers in portrait orientation and Elo 22-in I-series, 15-, 17- and 20-in X-Series touchscreen computers in landscape orientation. Elo’s commercial-grade I-Series and X-Series work with peripherals including EMV, barcode scanners, NFC adapter, MSR and fingerprint readers. The Wallaby self-service stand’s housing was designed to secure the I/O connections of those peripherals and provide space for additional components, including a power supply and network switch. Printers; including Epson TM-88, Star TSP-100 and Star TSP-654; as well as EMV devices; such as and Verifone MX915, Ingenico iSC250 and Ingenico IPP350 EMV payment devices; can be added to the self-service product.

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