EV launches X12-125F flying subwoofer

EV has recently launched the X12-125F flying subwoofer, a dual 15-in system equipped with high-output EV-engineered transducers delivering 9,600 W output.

The X12-125F, the latest member of the X-Line Advance line-array loudspeaker family, features the family’s innovative integrated rigging system for quick, secure and seamless deployment in arrays and is sonically matched to the other members of the family: X1 and X2 (high-performance) full-range models, and the X12-128 ground-stacking dual 18-in subwoofer.

The X12-125F can also be used in ground-stacked configurations, making it a versatile choice for rental companies and mobile applications, as well as fixed installations including live performance venues and houses of worship.

The X12-125F flying subwoofer will be available in Asia from June 2017.

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