Extron adds 6 and 8 HDMI input switchers to SW HD 4K series

Extron Electronics has added two larger models (SW6 HD 4K and SW8 HD 4K) to its SW HD 4K Series of switchers for HDMI signals.

The new units add six or eight HDMI inputs and support video signals at resolutions up to 4K, as well as data rates up to 10.2 Gbps, 3D, lip sync, and HD lossless audio formats. They feature Extron EDID Minder technology, which maintains continuous EDID communication with connected devices and ensures that the HDMI sources power up properly and maintain correct video output.

SW HD 4K series switchers provide automatic input cable equalisation up to 50 feet (approximately 15m) when used with Extron HDMI Pro series cable, automatic colour bit depth management, indicators for monitoring and troubleshooting and peripheral device power on the HDMI output. The SW HD 4K Series switchers offer front panel, RS 232, IR, contact closure, and auto-input switching control options.

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