Extron introduces discreet pendant speaker

Extron has introduced the SF 3PT, a pendant loudspeaker with a 3-in full-range driver for speech reinforcement and music playback in high-ceiling and open-ceiling applications.

The SF 3PT is available in black or white and is paintable to fit in with any décor. Included with the SF 3PT is Extron’s PendantConnect speaker cable that combines the speaker wires and a steel safety cable within a single outer jacket.

The UL listed SF 3PT offers both direct 8 ohm and 70/100 volt operation and is voiced similarly to the Extron SF 3CT LP for sonic consistency in mixed ceiling environments.

The SF 3PT pendant speaker includes 20 feet (6.1 m) of PendantConnect speaker cable, an Extron exclusive hybrid design incorporating the speaker wires and a steel safety cable into a single outer jacket, allowing for a secure integration using only a single cable.

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