HDMI audio manager: Hall Research product inserts and extracts audio

Hall Research has announced the HD-AUD-IO, an all-in-one HDMI audio manager capable of de-embedding and embedding audio from and to an HDMI video signal.

It offers advanced EDID management and the ability to create audio-only HDMI output. The HD-AUD-IO also provides one HDMI input with a corresponding output. The audio embedded in the HDMI input is extracted and available as both stereo analogue or multi-channel digital SPDIF (TOSLINK).  The product provides two audio inputs (analogue and digital). Users can select which audio to embed in the HDMI output. It can be the same as the original HDMI audio (pass-thru), SPDIF digital, or 3.5mm L/R analogue.

The product is suited to environments where the audio needs to follow a different path than the video in places such as sports bars, houses of worship and retail shops. The product can extract and embed audio at the same time. Therefore, with the use of an external mixer, users can mix auxiliary audio (e.g. from microphone) with the original HDMI program audio.

Audio in the HDMI output can be muted using discrete (contact closure) input or RS-232 commands. The HD-AUD-IO can generate an HDMI output even with no HDMI input. This can be used to distribute HDMI with only audio (black screen) to TVs.

Advanced EDID management allows users to control the video portion as well as the audio part of the EDID. The EDID presented to the video source can pass from the downstream device or emulated from internal memory. The device can also “Learn” the EDID connected to its HDMI output.

The product has a video bandwidth of 18 Gbps and supports resolutions up to 4K @ 60 Hz 4:4:4 with HDR. It supports HDCP 2.2 as well as HDCP 1.4.

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