L-Acoustics introduces M1 measurement and monitoring tools

L-Acoustics introduced the M1 suite of measurement and monitoring tools alongside the release of its LA Network Manager 3.

M1 uses the manufacturer’s Milan-certified P1 processor and amplified controller hardware to provide a streamlined system calibration process and real-time performance monitoring. 
The M1 suite pairs system measurement and control software to work natively as one solution. 

M1 is a dual-channel FFT measurement platform that automates lengthy measurement processes. Data is acquired and compiled in the software, and measurements can be visualised individually, as spatial averages and sums of elements. If adjustments to EQ are needed, they can be done virtually, and subsequently analysed and optimised within M1. Once the measurements have been captured, the sound team can even leave the venue and finish the calibration offline. 

All data capture in M1 is storable. Calibration settings can be altered virtually in the control software and uploaded to the venue for automatic improvement from anywhere in the world. Every adjustment made is tracked in the software and can be recalled and reanalysed.
When proper calibration has been attained and a performance begins, M1 provides live system monitoring via a Real Time Analyzer (RTA), evaluating the behaviour of the system and keeping it optimised. Variables that occur during a show can lead to changes in system performance. To compensate, M1’s RTA gives the operator a graphical understanding of the behaviour of the system, while LA Network Manager continually analyses the new atmospheric conditions and proposes corrections accordingly. 

The measurement and control tools within M1 are natively integrated; any changes made to one tool are reproduced in the other and automatically optimised.

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