Netgear wireless access points provide networking and security capabilities

Netgear recommended its WAX610 and WAX610Y Wi-Fi 6 wireless access points to emerging enterprises that require a solution to improve network connectivity for all connected users in the workspace.

The Netgear WAX610 and WAX610Y offer Wi-Fi 6 connectivity in high-density environments, with enterprise-grade security to safeguard the network and connected devices. The WAX610Y, in particular, is designed for outdoor use and carries an IP55 rating to withstand the effects of outdoor weather.

Both access points support Instant MESH technology and are equipped with four streams of data so as to provide a cumulative throughput of up to 1.8Gbps.

Some key features of the access points include remote management across multiple Netgear devices as well as compatibility with existing Netgear Insight managed switches, Wi-Fi access points, network storage, and previous generation Wi-Fi devices.

Marthesh Nagendra, sales director (India, MEA & South-East Asia region) of Netgear, commented: “Today, network reliability and security are more important requirements for businesses than high-speed connectivity to individual devices. Netgear’s wireless access points are designed to resolve these challenges for enterprises in a manner that allows for a hassle-free setup, management, and user experience.”

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