NewTek adds LiveGraphics to its Premium Access subscription

NewTek has added LiveGraphics – first demonstrated at NAB 2018 - to its Premium Access monthly subscription service.

LiveGraphics allows users to go directly to air with 10 channels of real-time animated graphics authored in Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe After Effects CC for live output from TriCaster TC1 and NewTek IP Series. In addition to LiveGraphics, Premium Access gives subscribers, five additional applications including LivePanel, NDI KVM, Advanced Audio I/O, Virtual PTZ, and NewTek’s entire Virtual Set Library. 

NewTek says LiveGraphics allows users to replace text, images, and create links to live data, and then play those graphics back in real time. LiveGraphics does not require a proprietary hardware graphics engine.

Premium Access requires the latest version of TriCaster TC1 and NewTek IP Series software now available to all users. 

LivePanel allows users to create custom controls from a compatible desktop or mobile device anywhere on a network. It is accessible through a web browser or operating system and includes production-ready control panels for remote video mixing, media playback, audio mixing, and macro automation. The LivePanel Builder tool enables custom panels geared toward automating and simplifying unique productions and workflows.

NDI KVM allows users to access TriCaster TC1 or NewTek IP Series systems from anywhere on a network. With NDI KVM, any workspace is simultaneously output as an interactive NDI video source. Users have to launch NDI Studio Monitor, (a free NDI tool from NewTek), select the source from among the available inputs and outputs, then view or run a production remotely from a compatible computer or device.

Advanced Audio I/O integrates with modern audio environments. It provides support for 64+ channels of Dante and AES67 audio while extracting all incoming and outgoing audio channels, including embedded SDI and NDI audio channels. 

Virtual PTZ expands shot selection and storytelling options without increasing source count by creating and accessing multiple shots from any individual video signal. Virtual PTZ starts with a full-resolution camera angle or video source, allows user-defined distinct areas of interest, then stores as full-frame presets that can be switched to or transitioned from seamlessly. Virtual PTZ includes live virtual zoom and real-time pan and scan effects. 

Full access to the premium library of NewTek LiveSet virtual sets is included with Premium Access. Users can choose from an extended variety of simulated environments.

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