Opticis debuts new signal extenders

Opticis has unveiled its DPFX-700-TR DisplayPort 1.2 extender and USB-FC30AA USB 3.0 active optical cable, capable of extending USB 3.0 signal up to 100m without a repeater.

The DPFX-700-TR DisplayPort 1.2 extender offers up to 2 metres extra copper extension for the TX and RX side, delivering 4K UHD (4096x2160) resolution at 60Hz through one LC multi-mode fibre (OM3) extending up to 200m without latency. 


The USB-FC30AA active optical cable extends USB 3.0 signal up to 100m without a repeater, capable of linking a USB device from the host with SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps data rate. 

The active optical cable is designed as TX/RX insensitive, allowing the device to be plugged in either way without a specifically distinguished side. 

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