Riedel launches MediorNet KVM

Riedel launched MediorNet KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) - a system for MediorNet users remoting PCs through their MediorNet networks - at IBC 2017.

MediorNet KVM comprises two “plug-and-play” boxes that provide the lossless transmission of DVI video signals up to 1080p along with transparent USB 2.0 and stereo analogue audio. The host-side box features a DVI-I input, loop DVI-I output, USB-B input, and 3.5mm jacks for audio I/O. The remote-side box has a DVI-I output, four USB-A outputs, and analogue audio I/O. The KVM extenders use the MediorNet Ethernet tunnel capabilities and access the system via Ethernet ports available on the MediorNet frames.

Use cases for the MediorNet KVM include accessing a remote PC via Ethernet and the ability to move PCs away from desktops into properly air-conditioned areas. Switching can be accomplished by switching Ethernet tunnels via MediorWorks, the MediorNet Control App, or third-party control.

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