RTS unveils RVON+ card and PAP-5032 program assign panel

RTS has unveiled its RVON+ card, providing VoIP communications for RTS ADAM digital matrices as well as the RTS PAP-32 program assign panel, enabling users to assign multiple program sources to over 16 IFB destinations.

The RTS RVON+ card provides VoIP communications for RTS ADAM and ADAM-M digital matrices, supporting up to 32 bidirectional audio channels, data and RTS intelligent trunking over IP. 

The RTS RVON+ card is also hot swappable and features reduced power consumption. 

Support for two SFP fibre connections is included, with the option for two virtual serial connections via an IP connection. 

RVON+ can be configured via IPedit software to set Ethernet auto-negotiation parameters to view multiple RVON devices simultaneously and see all RVON devices independently of the frame.

A software license expansion is offered with the RVON+ card, expanding from 16 channels to 32 channels.  

The PAP-5032 program assign panel enables users to assign multiple program sources to more than 16 different IFB destinations, offering up to 64 program sources and 64 IFB destinations via standard EKP expansion panels. 

Routing, audio monitoring and gain adjustment of program inputs or IFB outputs is enabled, using built-in OMNEO IP technology to allow the program assign panel to work with ADAM, ADAM-M and ODIN digital matrices, supporting both legacy analogue and RVON audio connections. 

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