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AudioPressBox showcases its AudioPressBox units, offering a range of features and functionality for top of the line press conferences.

When we talk about a press box – everyone imagines a box with one input and many outputs. But what if it can do much more than that? AudioPressBox APB-224 C  was designed to be a device that is simple to use, yet versatile. Its features and functionality were developed based on the feedback of our customers and partners. The unique features like built-in AccuPack, MIC/LINE level Inputs and MIC/LINE level Outputs make it a number one choice for every press conference anywhere in the world.

APB-224 C is a professional portable 2 channel active press box with 2 MIC/LINE level inputs and 24 MIC/LINE level outputs. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor press conferences because of the built-in rechargeable AccuPack and heavy duty Nanuk case.


The input section has 2 switchable Mic or Line level inputs, switchable Phantom power, High-pass filter and Compressor with Limiter for each input. Each input you can route to the output Bus A or B or both.

The 24 outputs are balanced and individually transformer isolated. Each output has switchable output level between Mic or Line level (-20/+6 dBu). The outputs are further divided to Bus A and Bus B.


Additional features include Oscillator which when turned on sends a test signal of 1 kHz at nominal level to all the connected devices. What is more, the unit includes a rechargeable Li-Ion AccuPack which can power the unit for up to 8 hours allowing you to organize a press conference outdoors without the need of electricity.

All in all, the unit is a bestseller worldwide with its customer range from presidents and prime minister offices through various institutions to sport stadiums and of course live event / rental companies.

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Read what Andrew Bernacki from Bespoke Audio described as a possible scenario:

You’re the embedded AV tech liaison on an election tour which is travelling around the country by bus.  You’re doing three standard, scheduled press conferences per day, and these setups are too large to fit in the belly of the bus.  So, there are three sets of identical gear, all of which are transported by three separate trucks with separate teams, which play hopscotch with each other in order to keep up with the bus.  In other words, while a press conference is going on, one truck is packing up the previous press conference and driving two stops ahead, while the third truck is one stop ahead already setting up for the next press conference.  Pretty routine and lots of time for each team to setup and tear down.

Now, what happens if all of a sudden, the political figure or candidate decides to stop his or her tour bus to do a ‘quick, unannounced’ press conference to the media?  (Yes, this happens frequently - curveball!)

 You’ve pulled off the highway, the candidate is getting out of the bus to speak, but your gear (like your console) is on one of the three trucks who are undoubtedly not prepared for this and likely nowhere to be found.


Well… aside from laughing at my terrible impression of Dennis Hopper in the 1994 movie “SPEED” (a classic movie, might I add).  Let me tell you what we do.

 You’re aware this kind of thing happens, so you’ve come prepared. You’ve got an APB 224-C, a mic, and a stand on the bus.  Behold, you’ve got high quality audio feeds for the traveling press in about three minutes, without an unsightly mess of multiple different mics haphazardly clamped to whatever stand someone had on hand.

 Being able to quickly and effectively pull off a request like this is what makes for a happy, repeat client.

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