Vaddio launches AVoIP video conferencing ecosystem

Vaddio has debuted its EasyIP ecosystem for AVoIP video conferencing, an AVoIP conferencing system that hosts video and a camera on the same IP infrastructure, allowing for switching between different viewpoints via a network without a dedicated switcher.

The EasyIP ecosystem base kit includes an EasyIP decoder, EasyIP 10 camera and pre-configured Luxul AMS-1208 switch. 

A standard UVC USB 3.0 stream of video and audio is provided for web-based conferencing systems is included connected to PC and BYOD devices, with the EasyIP 10 camera sending video and control signals to two EasyIP decoders. 

Each EasyIP decoder can swich between four EasyIP 10 cameras, sending 1080p/60fps feeds via the 1Gb Luxul AMS-1208 PoE+ switch. 

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