Barco I600: visioneered to expand immersivity of your experiences

Barco, a pioneer in projection technology, has unveiled its latest innovation, the I600 projection platform, promising to redefine immersive experiences. Combining power with portability, the new single-chip projector boasts exceptional color fidelity, high resolution, and a long lifetime, all packaged into a compact, lightweight unit.

“At Barco, we believe truly great engineering starts with a clear vision. Our teams have a commitment to drive progress and set the stage for a future where visual excellence knows no bounds,” says Barbara Huyghe, Product Manager at Barco for I600. “The I600 is not just another addition to the portfolio. It’s visioneered to include new groundbreaking features setting the benchmark for immersive experiences.” Let's delve into the I600 innovations.

WOW quality with Barco Pulse processing

Powered by the next-generation Barco Pulse platform, the I600 delivers premium 4K Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) resolution and exceptional color accuracy, captivating audiences with stunning visuals at a refresh rate of 120Hz. Whether it's artainment, simulation environments, projection mapping, or live events, the I600 ensures a feast for the eyes in any setting.

SuperShift® technology for unrivaled details

At the heart of the I600 lies Barco's patented SuperShift technology, a fusion of pixel shift algorithms and super-resolution advancements. This cutting-edge technology elevates 4K image quality to new heights, delivering smoother images and sharper pixels at remarkably low latency.

Deep blacks thanks to DynaBlack

The I600 is the first Barco single-chip projector to feature DynaBlack, a proprietary contrast enhancing technology. With a contrast ratio boosted up to 20,000:1, DynaBlack achieves deeper blacks and enhanced shadow details, enriching the viewing experience with heightened contrast and vivid imagery. Not only does DynaBlack deliver impressive visual results, but it also promotes energy efficiency, reducing power consumption by up to 70%.

Compact power in portable design

With the I600 performances, we expand the immersivity of your experiences. The only things shrinking are the weight, dimensions and TCO. The projector excels as the most compact and lightweight design in its category. That’s a plus for end-users with limited installation space, but also beneficial for operational efficiency, and transport!

Seamless integration in Barco software ecosystem

The I600 seamlessly integrates into Barco's Pulse ecosystem, featuring a suite of software tools for simplified projector control on-site and in the cloud. From Pulse Prospector to the Pulse Mobile App and Insights Management Suite, managing your fleet and optimizing projector performance has never been easier.

A journey of innovation

“Compact, powerful, and versatile, the I600 is a testament to Barco's dedication to redefining visual standards, offering a comprehensive solution for various applications, from mid-segment to high-end installations,” concludes Ta Loong Gan, EVP Immersive Experience. “We’re excited to finally enter the market with these new products and continue our growth based on innovation. As we embark on this new chapter, our mission remains clear – to empower businesses, creators, and audiences alike with tools that inspire, connect, and elevate the way we visualize the world.”

Barco is currently touring Asia Pacific with I600. Sign up ( to receive demo sessions near you.

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