Dante Studio 2.10 brings Dante to PC

Audinate has announced that Dante Studio 2.0 is now available for purchase.

Dante Studio is a suite of software tools that brings Dante video directly to a PC with no additional hardware needed. 

Dante Video RX can receive video into applications as a camera or video source from Dante AV cameras, encoders or other computers running Dante Studio on the network.

Dante Video TX can capture and send a PC’s display as high-quality video to in-room displays or recording and streaming software.

Dante Video Viewer can monitor any Dante AV source on your network in real time.
Dante Studio is suiatbel for anyone looking to add video to conferencing, lecture capture, live event, or a video production workflow.

Dante Studio is free for 7 days, and available for purchase with monthly subscription pricing of US$9.95 after the trial ends.

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